2019 Durham Collaborative CSA

2019 Durham Collaborative CSA

Four farms collaborate to bring you a variety of excellent local food.

In 2019, Harland's Creek Farm is collaborating with Fickle Creek Farm, Chapel Hill Creamery, Bonlee Farm, and, periodically other farmers from the Durham Farmers’ Market to bring you a variety of CSA choices. You can enroll for Wednesday or Saturday pickups at the DFM. If you sign up for Wednesday and cannot make it to the market on Wednesday, you can pick up on Saturday. The reverse is also possible. If you miss a pickup, we will save the box we packed for the next pickup day. 

If you notify us 7 days prior to your designated pickup date that you want to switch locations, we will make you a box for that date. For example, members who sign up for Wednesday notify us that they want a Saturday box instead. You can also take a vacation and get makeup boxes prior to or after the weeks you miss. This also requires advance notification.   

 Produce. Each week you will receive a variety of fresh, certified organic food, everything from arugula to zucchini. Box contents vary by season. Click here to see examples of box contents. The chart shows how both contents and dollar value might vary over weeks. We keep a record of the contents and values for each week so that we can make sure we maintain the promised value. 

Cookbook. Last year, we redesigned CSA cookbook to be a Meal Plan Cookbook and discontinued sending you complete meal plans for the week. For 2019, we are only making minor changes to the Meal Plan Cookbook, so if you were enrolled in 2018, you may want to skip getting a cookbook. Most weeks, we will send sample meal plans, either by email or by putting a flyer in your box. These will be based on the contents of your box, recipes in the cookbook, and may include recipes that are not in your cookbook.   Of course, you will get Judy’s blogs on the history of vegetables, cooking, farming, and so on. The following chart summarizes the available options.

To see a pdf of this form click here: 2019 Durham CSA Options 

Payment is due at enrollment. You can pay by  PayPal or check. If you pay by check, you can send a single check or two checks, one of which is postdated a month later than the first. You can ENROLL ONLINE or you can complete and mail a PAPER ENROLLMENT FORM.  

[1]. Most people give their missed boxes to a relative or friend.  We can also donate your box to the Siler City Hispanic Liaison if you wish.  This is our default option if we never hear from you. 

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HCF Partners

Judy started HCF.  She develops meal plans for the CSAs, maintains our website, and writes our blog. Judy is now in her seventies, and you are not likely to see her at our early morning markets, because she is sleeping in.

Erasmo worked part-time on the farm for years, He became a partner in 2016 and lives in Siler City. You can meet him at the Saturday Durham Farmers' market on alternate Saturdays.  He is active in all aspects of the farm, is our main tractor guy, and is transitioning into doing the book-keeping. He and his wife Yoli work on the farm. Also, you can find them at the Durham Farmers' Market with their son Michael who is a math-wise. 

We are a great team.

Where to buy our organic food

You can get our food by:

Visiting one of these local restaurants:

Pittsboro restaurants that have local food we love are: