2019 Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and Raleigh CSA

2019 CSA for Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh

Organic Produce, Herbs, and Eggs Delivered on Tuesday

2019 CSA for Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and Raleigh 

  ORGANIC PRODUCE and EGGS: Delivered on Tuesdays

       Harland's Creek Farm, LLC is a small, certified organic farm run by Judy Lessler, Erasmo Flores, and his wife, Yoli Nill.  Members of our 2019 CSA receive weekly boxes of organic produce and herbs from our farm. Occasionally, we collaborate with other local farms for specialty items like corn, strawberries, and Brussel sprouts. Harland’s Creek Farm now offers certified organic eggs from pasture-raised hens, and we are collaborating with Bonlee Grown Farm to provide non-organic eggs from cage-free hens. Our Tuesday CSA makes deliveries on-Tuesday in:

  • Pittsboro at Harland’s Creek Farm
  • Chapel Hill in the Southern Village area
  • Chapel Hill in University Mall area
  • Raleigh in the Boylan Heights area

Last year, we redesigned the  CSA cookbook to be a Meal Plan Cookbook and discontinued sending you complete meal plans and shopping lists for each week. For 2019, we are only making minor changes to the Meal Plan Cookbook, so if you were enrolled in 2018, you might want to skip getting a cookbook. Most weeks, we will send sample meal plans, either by email or by putting a flyer in your box. These will be based on the contents of your box, recipes in the cookbook, and may include some recipes that are not in your cookbook.

Of course, you will get Judy’s blogs on the history of vegetables, cooking, farming, and so on. 

You can enroll for: 

1.   Spring/Sumer/Fall Plan which runs for 30 weeks, May 7, 2019 --November 26, and a

2.   Spring/Summer Plan which runs for 18 weeks, May 7, 2018–September 3, 2019. 

 For the Spring/Summer/Fall Plan, we offer two sizes, a standard box @ $22.00/week or a smaller box @ $16.00/week. Total costs include an extra-large box on Tuesday before Thanksgiving, containing items traditionally used at Thanksgiving—sweet potatoes, white potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, and so on. Overall prices cover the cost of the boxes and the cookbook. We only offer the standard box for the short Spring/Summer Plan.  Thus, for the 30 weeks in the Spring/Summer/Fall plan, the overall prices are $695 for the standard box or $513 for the small box. For the 18 weeks in the Spring/Summer plan, the total cost is $421. 

 A list of the produce and herbs you are likely to receive and examples of box contents are shown at this link: HCF PRODUCE AND HERB BOXES.

Eggs Option: Subscribers can also enroll for either certified-organic eggs from Harland's Creek Farm or non-organic eggs from Bonlee Grown Farm. You can get eggs either weekly or every other week. Organic eggs are $8.00/dozen and non-organic eggs are $6.00/week. Totals for 30 weeks are $240 for certified organic eggs and $180 for the non-organic eggs. Every other week eggs and half those figures.   

You can ENROLL ONLINE or you can complete and mail the 2019  CSA PAPER ENROLLMENT FORM 2019. Payment is due at enrollment. You can pay by check or PayPal. We accept payment in two installments, separated one month apart. If you are sending checks, please send both and postdate one. 

There is a vacation option that allows you to miss a box and receive an extra box in a succeeding week.  One week notification BY EMAIL is REQUIRED. 

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Where to buy our organic food

You can get our food by:

Visiting one of these local restaurants:

Pittsboro restaurants that have local food we love are: