2020 Farm Shares (CSA)

2020 Farm Shares (CSA)

Certified organic produce, herbs, and eggs

2020 HCF Farm Shares AKA, the HCF-CSA

Deliveries in the Triangle Area

Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and Raleigh: Deliveries on Tuesday

Durham: Deliveries on Wednesday and Saturday

         Harland's Creek Farm, LLC is a small, certified organic farm run by Judy Lessler, Erasmo Flores, and his wife, Yoli Nill.  Enroll in our farm share program (aka our CSA) and receive weekly boxes of organic produce and herbs. We also offer certified organic eggs from pasture-raised hens.  To see a list of what we offer go to our HCF Farm Profile

Chose a weekly:

  • Standard box (enough for three adults or a family) or a
  • Small box (one or two adults).    

We also offer bi-weekly (every-other-week) organic egg deliveries.    On Tuesday we deliver to drop-off locations in:  

  • Pittsboro at Harland’s Creek Farm
  • Chapel Hill in the Southern Village area
  • Chapel Hill in University Mall area
  • Southwest Raleigh near NC State and the State Farmers market
  • North Raleigh near Six-Forks Road.  

You can select either the: 

  •  30-week spring/summer/fall plan which runs from April 28, 2020 through November 17, 2020. Cost is $726 for standard and is $528 for small; or the 
  • 18-week spring/summer plan which runs from April 28, 2020 through August 25, 2020 (18 weeks). Cost is $435.60 for standard and $318.80 for small.  

We also deliver in Durham at the Durham Farmers Market. You can choose either the: 

  • 26-week Wednesday Mid-Week market plan, which runs from April 22, 2020 through October 14, 2020. Cost is $629.20 for the standard share and $457.60 for the small share; or the
  • 30-week Saturday Market plan, which begins on April 25, 2020 and ends on Saturday, November 14, 2020. Cost is $726 for standard and is $528 for small.  

Of course, you will get Judy’s blogs on the history of vegetables, cooking, farming, and so on.   

We are using Small Farm Central’s fabulous new signup and management program “Harvie” for our 2020 Farm Share program because it lets you register your preferences, manage your box contents, easily hold boxes when you are away, and change your pick up location.   You can go immediately to HCF Harvie-Signup.  

If you have any questions, send us an email at hcffarmers@gmail.com or call Judy at (919) 274-0024.    

If you want to know more about why we use Harvie, read the information below.  

For years we used Member Assembler, an application created by Simon Huntley of Small Farm Central (SFC) to help us to advertise, to enroll, and to communicate with our CSA customers. This program has served us well; however, recently, Simon and his colleagues at SFC developed Harvie an application that permits local farms to run a customizable and consumer-friendly CSA or farm share program.  We believe you will like this program for the following reasons:

  • Customized boxes are created for you based on the preferences you select at sign-up. You have the option to edit the contents of your box each week. This is, of course, based on availability. However, if you want us to select for you as we have done in the past, we will gladly do so.  We expect customized shares to reduce food waste because of your ability to make choices. 
  • Option to order extra items. Sister and her children coming for the week? You can order extra items with a few clicks, and we will put them in your shares. This saves time in preparing meals and shopping for a crowd.
  • Flexible payment plans: If you cannot pay in full at the beginning, you can choose a flexible payment plan. Your card will be charged automatically as the season progresses and your shares are delivered. 
  •  Vacation holds and changes in your pick-up location. You can use Harvie to notify us to hold your box for planned vacations and to schedule double-boxes for a different week. You can also change your pickup location to one of our other locations. 
  • Additional help with meal planning: For nearly two decades, Harland’s Creek Farm has provided meal plans and recipes to our CSA customers. This was essential when we began; however, now if you want, for example, a kale and pasta dish for dinner, a quick internet search will yield millions of hits. (I just searched on “lacinato kale and pasta” and got 1.5 million results). Harvie has built-in features that included recipe suggestions, cooking tips, storage, and food prep resources. Thus, HCF is discontinuing our weekly meal plans; however, we will still provide a printed cookbook, which will contain an edited compendium of meal plans for spring, summer, and fall.   
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Where to buy our organic food

You can get our food by:

Visiting one of these local restaurants:

Pittsboro restaurants that have local food we love are: