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Andria's Summer Tomato Salad

Posted 7/16/2014 12:11pm by Judy Lessler.

Andria's Summer Tomato Salad  is a great easy summer meal.  The Andria in the title grew up on what is now Harland's Creek Farm, and is my daughter.  Andria now lives in Oakland CA. She worked for many years at Arizmendi Bakery in San Francisco which was located within walking distance of Golden Gate Park.  I loved hanging out  in that area when I visited  her.  Occasionally, the bakery staff would all me to volunteer at the bakery so that I could see how the process worked. Getting fresh baked goods on the shelf at the right times is an intense and tightly controlled process. Having a volunteer was not necessarily an advantage, but I got to do it because of having status as a mother of an employee. Their baked goods are fabulous.  If you go to San Francisco, try and visit Arismendi  Bakery.

Andria is now studying and hoping to be a vet.

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