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Cool Meals for Hot Nights. Chickens in Moonlight.

Posted 6/17/2014 11:42am by Judy Lessler.

Cooking: This week the CSA members  got meal plans with lots of cold dishes. LINK TO MEAL PLANS.  It is going to be in the 90s all week long. I have reacted to this by giving you lots of cold dishes in the menu plans. If you have a porch or patio, it is a good time to turn on the fan, eat late in the day, and sit outside and listen to the peepers and croakers settle down for the night. I recommend buying some melon to eat as a desert with these cold meals.  

You can go even colder: The cabbage dish is from the NY Times. Last year they published an article called A Dozen Recipes for Slawless Cabbage. My spell checker objects to slawless as a word, as do all the online dictionaries. Maybe one can just add a suffix "less" to any word and get a new word meaning none of the root word; however, it seems kind of awkward. Hatless, shirtless pictures of Putin abound. But would one really want to say, for example, "My house is snakeless, dogless, and catless"  if one eschewed pets of these types? Glutenless? Fingerless?  Are these OK?  Anyway, it is the NY Times, and several editors probably approved; so, I am passing it along regardless of any grammar concerns. I put in a link, and you could go with their Thai salad or Cabbage Caesar Salad if you do not want to turn on the heat at all. Also, instead of frying up some burgers for M4. you could get slice deli turkey. The best I have found  and one of  the cheapest is Sara Lee Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast.  

Farming and Thinking:  In the cycle of the year, greens are the first and last things the earth puts out for us to eat. I think that it is interesting that we have foods with such high nutritional content both before and after the cold non-producing months. This gives us a boost before the long cold period and reinvigorates us afterwards. And, given the long series of 90 degree plus days we are looking at, I think we are seeing the end of the greens.  

Our chickens are down in the field in Plot I, which is where we will have the main crop of vegetables next year. I go down every night to close then in the chicken tractor to protect them from possums, foxes, and raccoons. As the days are getting longer and longer, the hour I make the trip gets later and later because the chickens will not to in their abode until it gets dark.  I almost always wish I did not have to make the 10 minute trek to the chicken tractor, and, after I do, I am always glad I had this last walk with the dogs and last chance of the day to see the garden and hear the animals as they settle down for the night. This last week, we have had a full or near full moon, and I have not even turned on the flashlight.

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