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Cover Crops on and Organic Farm

Posted 5/25/2011 9:09am by Judy Lessler.

A word about the nuts and bolts of being an organic farm:  We have to document our work and processes for the inspection.  Crop rotation is an important factor in organic farming because it makes for healthy soils with plenty of organic matter, and because the changing environment helps to control pests and diseases.  For example, when clover is growing, the Colorado potato beetle has to move on.  Unfortunately they seldom move on all the way to Colorado; however, after the cover crop and a rotation of potatoes to a new area, it takes the beetle some time to find the potatoes, and we, so far, have been able to control them with little effort.  Below is are a couple of pictures of cover crops on the farm.


On the left you can see us mowing down a summer cover of Sudex grass and cowpeas  On the right, the winter cover of crimson clover has flowered and is ready to turn under.

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