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Firewood for Sale--OAK AND HICKORY

Posted 11/27/2018 11:12am by Harland;s Creek Farm.

Harland's Creek Farm is selling firewood this winter. We have oak and hickory. Hurricanes and blustery weather have knocked down trees over the past two years. Currently, we are cutting large oaks and hickories that came down in September 2018 during Hurricane Florence. 

We deliver by the truckload which contains about a half-cord. Below are pictures and prices: 


 Hickory and Oak  

$200 delivered/stacked   -- $160 customer pick-up

Amount: 60 cubic feet ~0.5 cord: Stack 3’x10’x1.5’

Harland’s Creek Farm --  hcffarmers@gmail.com

Call Erasmo @ 919 799-6982  


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