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Greens for Fall

Posted 10/29/2009 3:41pm by Judy Lessler.

Harland's Creek Farm will be featuring recipes for greens at market on Saturday October 31, 2009.  Below is a picture of  Collards with Pasta and Sesame.  We will be handing out this recipe as well as one for Collard Slaw.  Also, come by an get our recipe for Chard Pie, a savory, cheesy recipe that will be perfect for up coming cool days.

collards with pasta and sesame

Also, I have been really enjoying greens and eggs since my daughter was here from California.  This morning I had some tatsoi saute'ed in butter and scrambled eggs.

One strategy for using greens is to wash and blanch them in boiling water for 2 minutes.  Cool them quickly in ice water.  Squeeze some of the water out of the greens and then chop.  At this point they can then be frozen in a plastic freezer bag or stored in your refrigerator for later use.  I liked having them processed to this point this morning when I want a quick breakfast of greens and eggs.

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