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HCF Survives Second Polar Vortex

Posted 2/14/2014 4:25pm by Judy Lessler.

We had 8 inches of snow topped by about a quarter to half inch of ice. Erasmo, Rene, and Martin cleared the high tunnels three times. We had propane heaters in the Greenhouse, which is built inside of an old tunnel, and in the tunnel we call the Hoop House. These were to keep plants alive if the electricity went out.

The plan was to move both the propane heaters to the Greenhouse if the electricity went out so that we could keep the baby transplants alive. We do not have an alarm in the house to let us know of we lose electricity at the Greenhouse; therefore, we left the lights on so in it so that I could look out of an upstairs window of the my house to check that the electricity was still on.

I got up several times on Wednesday night to check. Once when I was actually asleep but thought I was awake, I heard a loud crack.  I was sure it was the sound of a tree falling and knocking out the electricity. I leaped up to make ready for slogging down to the Greenhouse. Then I realized I was dreaming, or most likely dreaming. I shuffled across the hall and into the bedroom were I could see down to the GH. The lights were shining. I knew I was dreaming and was very glad.

Other farmers were not so lucky, and I am sorry that they were not.

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