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Pumpkin/Sweet Potato Peanut Soup

Posted 5/28/2013 11:46am by Judy Lessler.

  Peanut Soup with Sweet Potatoes or Pumpkin

4 servings  

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1 medium-large onion, chopped

1 large red bell pepper, chopped

2-4 cloves garlic, minced

1.5 cups carrots, sliced in rounds

1 can diced tomatoes

2 teaspoons high quality curry powder

1.5 cups cooked pumpkin or sweet potatoes, mashed

4 cups chicken broth

1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon salt

0.5 cups chunky peanut butter

Pepper, hot pepper flakes, or other to taste  

Sauté onion, bell pepper, garlic, and carrots in oil until just starting to brown. Make sure you cut the pepper into small cubes and slice the onions thinly or they will not get done at the same time as the onions and garlic. Add diced tomatoes, curry powder, and two cups of chicken broth. Cook mixture until vegetables are tender. Taste and add salt. Depending on how salty the tomatoes and the broth are, you may need more of less salt. Stir in peanut butter and remainder of chicken broth. Cook another 10 minutes to blend flavors. Add more water if necessary. Taste and add pepper, hot sauce to taste. Serve warm with warm bread.   Recipe from Harland's Creek Farm, 2014.  

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