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Stages of Plant Growth at Harland's Creek Farm

Posted 3/30/2009 2:36pm by Judy Lessler.

At HCF we either plant by direct seeding or transplanting.   Until 2008 when we built our own greenhouse, we direct seeded most of our produce and flowers.  We now use a lot of transplants.  This allows us to get some plants in the field earlier and gives us more control over the early stages of their development.  

Plants are first seeded in the greenhouse and spend several weeks there.  When they are large enough, they are moved outdoors to a cold frame or other location to "harden-off."  This means that they are getting used to the harsher weather of the outdoors.  We find, however, that many plants do better in this harsher climate because they are actually adapted for outdoor growth rather than indoor growth.

Some of the plants are both direct seeded and transplanted.  This year we hope to have transplanted corn as well as direct seeded corn. This will be our third try for a good crop of transplanted corn.  In 2007 we put our corn out around April 1, and on April 5 there was a hard freeze that killed the majority of it.  Last year, 2008, we had corn tasseled out when we were hit by a major hail strom on May 20.  Most of it was killed.   Here is a picture of the corn just after it had germinated in the greenhouse.


This corn is now outside waiting to be transplanted as soon as we have a 10 day forecast that includes April 15 with no indication of frost.


The next picture is of chard, kohlrabi, and cabbages waiting the the cold frame and getting hardened up.  Some of these went to the field last week and the week before.  Future blogs will show pictures of the early vegetables in the beds.

More to follow.

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