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Thanksgiving message

Posted 11/16/2012 5:16pm by Judy Lessler.

This is a time for giving thanks.  I am thankful for all the customers of the Durham Collaborative CSA.  You make it possible for us to do a job that allows us to experience the miracle seeing how the earth provides for us.  All of the farmers that participate in this CSA are committed to caring for the earth so that it will take care of us.  We plant, weed, fight pests and diseases, harvest, and pack.  We put a tiny okra seed in the ground and watch it grow to over 10 feet tall.  We see the deer circling the fences in the evenings and hope they will not figure out how to breach them.  We rage at the ground hog but admire his optimism as he attempts to come this way and then that way and under this and over that to get to the produce.  Sometimes these crafty creatures actually get in the fields and manage to build their underground tunnels and houses without us noticing.  I am always a bit sad when we destroy their home and imagine that they had thought that they had set themselves up for the summer only to have the equivalent of Hurricane Sandy come and sweep it all away.

I am very thankful for the all the farms that participate in our collaborative CSAs—Chapel Hill Creamery, Fickle Creek Farm, Pine Knot Farm, and Roberson Creek Farm.  Not once have they failed to meet a deadline or delivery that we were counting on to fill the boxes or to be available for you to pick up at market.  On our farm and on theirs, as well, there are many other farmers who participate in the production of the food.  We are grateful for their efforts as well.


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