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Visiting Baby Alexander (and his parents)

Posted 6/24/2014 11:20am by Judy Lessler.

I am in Baltimore helping my daughter-in-law care for my 3 month old grandson while my son is away at a conference in Seattle. Today Alexander and I are having a long solo time together because my DIL (Lauren) is off to the university.

It is a really different life in the middle of Baltimore. This morning I put the baby in his wheelie, which holds his car seat, and walked to Starbucks for an iced latte, to Radio Shack to replace my phone charger, and to Safeway to buy vinegar and tuna. I sat in the shade, drinking my latte, and Alexander enjoyed his thumb while snoozing in the wheelie/car seat. 

Wheelie + car seat = Giant Stroller. The Durham Farmers' Market is full of these. Parents can store a week's worth of produce in them along with babies and children.  There may be a washer and dryer underneath so that they can do laundry at the same time.  


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